Track Record of Excellence

Farrelli Holdings is a residential property development company based in Cape Town that provides the highest quality developments at very competitive prices. Farrelli Holdings has been active in the property industry in Cape Town for many years and its diverse property portfolio provides investors across the entire spectrum with quality investments yielding healthy returns.


 All-Round Pedigree

Farrelli Holdings is a company consisting of various facets supporting one another. This enables the company to be involved at every stage of property development from property acquisition and design to overall construction. Involvement in all development phases allows Farrelli Holdings to cut costs and offer remarkably accessible prices to a wide range of investors.


Farrelli Holdings continually researches new methods of construction to constantly improve build quality and remains sensitive to the impact its developments have on the environment. The company has numerous professional property managers as part of its staff compliment offering innovative ‘rent to buy’ and other affordable investment packages.